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Reasons for choosing Childminding as opposed to a nursery

  • Personal Service – registered childminders only look after small numbers of children and can provide an abundance of individual attention. Can better meet children’s individual needs and preferences (such as sleeping patterns, preferred food and activities or assistance with homework)
  • Consistent Care – children can stay with the same carer from very young to starting secondary school, so they benefit from the kind of stability other sorts of childcare don’t usually provide. Childminding also allows parents to have a stable, ongoing relationship with their children’s carer.
  • Family-Friendly – childminders care for children of different ages therefore siblings can be looked after together.
  • Flexible – childminders can look after children early in the morning, late in the evening and at weekends. This is especially useful for parents who don’t work from 9 to 5. Childminder are also willing to take children to and from playgroups, schools etc.
  • Adaptable – childminders don’t follow a strict timetable, we can be spontaneous and flexible. An unexpected sunny or snowy day provides a great opportunity for outdoor play and learning. If children are feeling tired or under the weather, they can curl up and take it easy, just like they would at home.
  • Real Life Learning – children looked after by a childminder enjoy real-life experiences like cooking, shopping, gardening, mealtimes and outings to the park and library. From these everyday activities the children can learn basic science and maths as well as social and language skills.
  • Part of the Community – as childminders live locally your child can go to nearby toddler clubs, playgroups and after-school clubs with their friends and stay part of the local community.