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1140 Hours Free Funded Childcare

Model 2

I can provide any additional care you require while also allowing you to use your free funded hours at selected local nurseries.

This would be available if you chose Model 2 – The Block Model

Your funded hours can be used as 5 blocks over 48 weeks which provides cover during holidays when other nurseries may be closed. The blocks can be used as 5 mornings, 5 afternoons, or 2½ days. Or you can choose 6 blocks (3 full days) in term time only.

I can offer care for any additional days or half days you require over your chosen blocks at nursery.

Choosing a childminder for additional days required is often a little cheaper than paying your chosen nursery for these days and can allow your child a more varied childcare experience and access to a greater number of activities and local resources as well as trips further afield. They can also benefit from a smaller setting and an individual and personal ‘home from home’ environment and can provide your child with some stability and continuity of care if they have been attending a childminder since they were a baby.

If you would like your child to attend one of the nurseries below for funded care and would like to discuss additional days and my current availability please get in touch.

Nurseries in Kilmarnock providing Model 2 are:
Cairns, Altonhill Ave, Kilmarnock
Flowerbank, North Hamilton St, Kilmarnock
Hillbank, North West Centre, Kilmarnock
James Hamilton, William McIlvanney Campus, Kilmarnock
Onthank, Meiklewood rd, Kilmarnock
Shortlees, Blacksyke Ave, Kilmarnock
Whatriggs, Whatriggs rd, Kilmarnock
Beechwood, Dundonald rd, Kilmarnock
Dean Park, Beansburn, Kilmarnock
Grasshoppers, Witchknowe rd, Kilmarnock

Model 1:
I am unable to provide before and after nursery care and nursery holiday cover except in exceptional circumstances. Please contact me for details

Model 3:
I do not provide free funded childcare in conjunction with East Ayrshire Council (Blended or Split care)