Where Kids come first

Aims & Objectives

I aim to
  • ensure my home is safe and secure for your child
  • provide a warm, friendly and caring environment
  • encourage learning and growth by providing a wide range of stimulating and fun activities which are appropriate to the age and development stage of your child
  • value each child as an individual and form positive relationships with parents and carers with the aim of meeting each individual child’s physical, emotional, social and cultural needs
  • encourage self-expression through creative and imaginative activities to increase your child’s confidence and self-esteem
  • encourage good behaviour, respect and tolerance of others through praise and guidance and being a positive role model
  • use a wide range of resources and amenities to increase the variety of experiences for your child
  • provide care on a full and part time basis over 7 days striving wherever possible to be flexible to meet individual requirements
  • promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise and a healthy diet
  • carry out regular risk assessments of my home as well as all toys and games and equipment used
  • ensure my childcare services continually meet the National Care Standards by keeping up to date with current legislation and guidelines