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Occupational Therapy

Many people will not know what Occupational Therapy is so to explain it simply an occupational Therapist works with individuals to enhance their lives by encouraging them to take part in activities which are meaningful to them and they enjoy as well as ensuring the individual reaches their potential and lives life to the full.

The College of Occupational Therapist’s Description
“Occupational therapy has a unique philosophy that acknowledges the link between what people do and their health and wellbeing. To the profession ‘occupation’ means all the activities a person undertakes, enjoys and values. More importantly, everything we do - our daily occupations - help to define our identity and role. If an individual is unable to do what is important to them and fulfil their role, their health and wellbeing can suffer. Occupational therapists can address this by enabling individuals to find ways to do those activities that are important to them”. ( COT , June, 2012)

So having an Occupational Therapy Degree therefore means I have skills in activity analysis, problem-solving, group dynamics, sensory integration, visual perception, and the impact that any form of disability can have on a child’s functional abilities. I am also able to assess a child’s progress and developmental needs and suggest activities or solutions which will help to improve their progress.
I am therefore able to offer childcare to children with disabilities and welcome your enquiries